Susan Walker, RPA

Susan Walker, RPA Director of Commercial Property Management


  • 4105 S. Rockford Ave, Suite #200
    Tulsa, OK 74105

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About Susan

Susan has worked in Commercial Property Management, Accounting & Auditing, Information Technology, and Seismic Data Marketing (Oil & Gas), she moved to Tulsa in 2008. Susan is currently Secretary/Treasurer of BOMA Tulsa, 2018 Vice-President BOMA-Tulsa, BOMA-Tulsa Education Committee Chair, and a Beta Gamma Sigma Lifetime Member. She has received many honors and recognitions during her professional career including receiving her RPA designation, BOMA-Tulsa Member of the Year in 2016 and becoming a Certified BOMI Instructor. When nominated for the BOMA Southwest Region Outstanding Member of the Year Award the nominating committee had to say this about Susan; “although Susan has only been a member of BOMA Tulsa since 2014, she has proven to be one of our most valuable assets. Her volunteer work has been instrumental in allowing BOMA-Tulsa to become more active in our real estate community and in programs offered on the regional and national levels. Her work ethic, dedication and leadership skills along with the respect from her co-workers, BOMA-Tulsa’s members and Board of Directors, make her deserving of the Southwest BOMA Outstanding Member of the Year Award”

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