Retail Market Update – Fall 2020

McGraw Commercial Properties‘ Neil Dailey and Julie Buxton sit down to discuss the Retail Market as of Fall 2020. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

How is the Market?

From a national/broad perspective, we’re seeing that certain segments in retail are doing well such as stand-alone grocery stores, dollar trees, medical marijuana, etc. In regards to cap rates, Tulsa has seen a higher cap rate in retail compared to national rates. Last seen for retail in Tulsa it was 8.5% when the national average is 7.2%.

What About the Tulsa Retail Market?

Retailers in Tulsa have been able to hold steady. Certain submarkets are doing better than others, such as South Tulsa and Midtown. However, there is still growth taking place in the residential areas towards Bixby, Coweta, and Claremore. 

Where Do You See Investment Opportunities?

For investors, financial institutions, sports offerings, gyms, nail salons, and medical marijuana has all shown an increase in demand. If you’re an owner or prospective tenant, Tulsa has a lot of investment money, great landlords, and a lot of opportunities!