Updates to Force Majeure in Commercial Real Estate Contracts

The COVID-19 has upended nearly every aspect of life this year, and commercial real estate has felt these effects in all sectors. One of the changes coming to CRE as we move through the pandemic, and in the years to come is how “Force Majeure” language in contracts will be updated.


Our New Vocabulary

Over the last few weeks, these words and phrases became part of our daily lexicon when discussing how to navigate the Covid-19 situation.


Legislative Issues Affecting Commercial Real Estate

Two people shaking hands over a real estate deal.


Every year members of Oklahoma Commercial Real Estate Associations present issues to our State and National Representatives. Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Washington, DC to meet with Senator Inhofe, Senator Lankford, and Representative Hern.

During our meetings on the hill we discussed a number of issues affecting Commercial Real Estate owners and other industry actors: (more…)

Top 6 Questions to Ask Your CRE Transaction Specialist about Site Selection

Two construction workers using a device to measure the distance between two points on a construction site.

Deciding where to purchase commercial land for a new business site is a complex task. Are you an investor or business owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma City or the surrounding areas facing the site selection process? When looking at Tulsa Real Estate or throughout Oklahoma to find the right location for your business, a CRE transaction specialist can help save you time and money. Here are some questions to ask your qualified commercial REALTOR®: