5 Commercial Real Estate Options for 2019

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As we round the bend into 2019, property investors and business owners involved in commercial real estate in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding region can add additional income streams by expanding their portfolio in the area of commercial real estate. Just as there are diversified options in just about every industry, commercial real estate offers a variety of types of investments—some require more attention than others, and some are riskier than others, yet all offer investors great possibilities for future financial security.


7 Undeniable Reasons to Invest in Industrial Real Estate

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E-commerce changes everything. It makes consumer desires more accessible, and saves them the time invested in driving to a store just to find out they are out of stock of a favorite item. The momentum of e-commerce is a growth driver for our economy, producing a greater need for industrial real estate conveniently located throughout the United States for quick distribution to hungry buyers. Consumers’ demand for quicker delivery of products creates the perfect opportunity for the increase in industrial facilities from which to distribute goods. Enter the industrial real estate investors.


9 Big Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them

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Mistakes — we all make them. We learn and grow from our own mistakes, or we take the time upfront to learn from the mistakes of others. Real estate investors are no exception. Real estate investing started before the Revolutionary War, so that gives us plenty of predecessors from which to learn. Americans love to cash in on financial freedom, including wise Tulsa real estate investing individuals and partners.