Property Management Services

What Is Commercial Property Management?

Commercial Property Management Services includes the services involved in the managing of assets such as industrial, office space, restaurant and retail properties in order to relieve owners of time-consuming operational duties and increase owner profits.

Nothing is more valuable than your time. Delegating property management tasks allows you to stay focused on growing your business while assigning the hassles of commercial property management to a trusted source.

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Maximize the value of your property by partnering with a corporate property management company you trust.


Warehouses, workshops, and factories make up industrial commercial properties. Growing businesses often desire to rent such properties until they are ready to purchase their own space.

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Restaurant & Retail

Restaurant and retail space can be rented in prime locations. These properties often feature large storefront windows to attract ideal customers.

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Office Space

Both startups and larger businesses rent commercial properties. Open floor plans provide office options like renting a whole space or dividing it up into smaller spaces for rent.

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What Services Are Included in Property Management?

Leasing Administration

- Maintain all lease files
- Enforce all lease terms and property regulations
- Negotiate all new leases and renewals
- Process rent including collections, statements, late fees, and lease-specific reconciliations

Financial and Accounting

- Maintain all financial records
- Process all payables and receivables
- Uphold annual budgets
- Provide financial reporting to owner, including but not limited to:
- Profit and loss statement
- Accounts receivable aging
- Budget variances
- Stacking plans
- Executive summary of operations and activities

Preventative Maintenance

- Perform on-schedule inspections for both the interior and exterior of properties
- Negotiate contracts and monitor performance and compliance for regularly scheduled maintenance, such as - window washing, snow removal, lawn care, and landscaping
- Construction management for tenant build-outs and capital expenditures

Operations Management

- Provide and manage operations staff

Benefits of Our Service

- Avoid the hassle of daily property management maintenance.
- Skip the time-consuming commitment to payment tasks.
- Rely on the experience needed to draw and keep the right tenants.
- Protect investments with scheduled preventative maintenance.
- Get the best overall results and ROI.
- Save time daily so you can invest in more properties and grow your business.
- Make the leasing process smooth.
- Stay in control while trusting the commercial property management experts to keep you in the loop.
- Get monthly reports on your investment.

Save Your Time

Our team will handle all the details and keep you in the loop. You'll feel confident that your property is managed well and remain in control of the decisions you want to make.

- Marketing
- Leasing
- Promptly dealing with maintenance issues
- Keeping taxes, mortgages, and insurance up-to-date
- Maintaining detailed administrative and financial records
- Compiling regular reports on investment performance

Why Trust McGraw Commercial Properties to Manage Your Property?

Our Results
A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best way to meet your property management needs, which is why our team provides personalized service and has helped investors and business owners manage over 350,000 square feet of property successfully.

Our Professional Certifications and Experience
With years of firsthand experience, our qualified team brings value to the table. C.C.I.M. certified professionals at McGraw Commercial Properties are here to serve your needs. Strong relationships are the basis for our success.

Our Accessibility Throughout the U.S.
We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and serve not only the Tulsa community, but also various locations throughout the United States. McGraw professionals are ready to provide property management services you can trust for remote, part-time, or full-time on-site management.

Our Ability to Simplify So You Succeed
It should be simple to manage your investment properties and make a profit. McGraw professionals are here to simplify your responsibilities so you can grow your business.

Get Commercial Property Management Services You Can Trust

McGraw Commercial Property Management works to exceed each owner's personal objectives for their property by ensuring:

- Excellence in tenant relations
- Efficient accounting and operations practices
- Effective use of the best-in-class tools available to the industry

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