Happy New Year and Thank You

To say 2020 has been an eventful year may be the understatement of the decade.

The commercial real estate industry has faced challenges and successes, but through it
all we have persisted – together. Although most industry experts are looking at 2022
before we begin to see a true recovery, so far, the Tulsa market has been very fortunate.
Throughout 2020 property owners have had to face the issues of forbearance for their
tenants and themselves, these concessions have led many property owners to assess
their investments in an effort to determine their next course of action. McGraw
Commercial has worked with many owners to adjust budgets, determine cost savings,
and project both optimistic and pessimistic forecasts in preparation for an unknown
market future.


Updates to Force Majeure in Commercial Real Estate Contracts

The COVID-19 has upended nearly every aspect of life this year, and commercial real estate has felt these effects in all sectors. One of the changes coming to CRE as we move through the pandemic, and in the years to come is how “Force Majeure” language in contracts will be updated.